BHPH Funding Corp.

Canton Financial

We've been serving Ohio since 1951 helping good people like you solve their financial problems. Our familiarity with this region's communities allows us to feel closer to our customers.

Because we are where you are, we can often come up with more creative customized solutions. In this way, we can be much more helpful than larger financial institutions like banks, savings and loans or the big finance companies run by out-of-towners.

We've done business with more than 100,000 people since 1951, so you can see, we're here to stay! You can help your used car business by using our Buy Here-Pay Here Funding Program. There is no one that can compete with us in our specialty. We are the most flexible lender. All of our dealers make money doing business with us. You can verify that by asking them.

We look at each lending opportunity from all sides and often come up with unique strategies to satisfy everyone involved. We make our own decisions without some faraway Loan Committee second-guessing us!

Our job is to help you do more business because of our involvement. If you sell more, we hope to increase our business. We have created procedures that conserve time and effort so your staff can concentrate on selling cars and collecting payments.

We can provide funds in many forms besides Buy-Here Pay-Here Funding We also do: Used Car Floor Plans. Business Loans, Sales Finance Contracts, Equipment Leasing, Bulk Purchases of Accounts Receivable & Buy-Here Pay-Here Contracts.


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