BHPH Funding Corp.

The Buy-Here Pay-Here Funding Program

Welcome to a company that understands your business and has ways to help you sell more cars and make more money. We call the program BHPH Funding.

Buy Here-Pay Here sales require a lot of cash. Using our program you'll be able to replenish your inventory by using your accounts as collateral. Properly structured, you can break even on the day of sale and be out buying more inventory instead of waiting for your payments or selling your accounts in bulk. You keep the customer, you keep your accounts, you do the collecting, using our money to help you grow your business.

This program is designed specifically for the BHPH industry. We understand what you need to run and grow your business. We also have our Floor Plan product through Floor Plans Inc. that fits right in with the BHPH Funding program.

We look forward to your questions and helping you fund your Buy Here-Pay Here accounts.


Old Way Canton Financial's BHPH Funding Way
Car Cost $2,000.00 Car Cost $2,000.00
Sell Price $3,995.00 Sell Price $3,995.00
Down $500.00 Down $500.00
Sales Tax @ 7% $279.65 Sales Tax @ 7% $279.65
Fees $100.00 Fees $100.00
Amount Financed $3,874.65 Amount Financed $3,874.65
Term 18 Term 18
APR 24% APR 24%
Payment $253.38 Payment $253.38
Total of Payments $4,560.83 Total of Payments $4,560.83
Interest Income $686.18 Interest Income $686.18
Cash Position (1879.65) Cash Position (1879.65)
    Check from BHPH Funding $2000.00
    New Cash Position $120.35
Months to Break Even 7 Months to Break Even IMMEDIATE

Sell more cars, sell a nicer car, lower your customer's down payment, and preserve your cash to replenish your inventory. Canton Financial's overview and experience in this field gives your dealership much needed support. We provide the forms, the payment charts, and the resources to help you make a better decision. Your success is our success.

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